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The shelftender™ is a shelf management system designed for center store supermarket shelves.

Reduce Labor Costs

Increase Sales

Painless to Implement

Stocking, Blocking and Rotating Efficiently

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Simple to Install, Simple to Use

The design is minimalist, but the function is anything but. You'll marvel at how something so uncomplicated can transform your shelves enhancing the customer experience and saving at-shelf labor. We call it the 'Paperclip' of shelf management.

If units arrive unassembled, insert the divider “L” tab into the channel on the right edge of the base and slide the divider forward until the front of the divider lines up with the front of the base.

Use the size guide on the label to see if you have the right Shelf Tender width for the product package you are working with. IMPORTANT: The bottom of the package should hang off the left edge of the tray. Then position the Shelf Tender tray on the shelf so that the rear catch seats against the rear edge of the shelf. Load the tray with product. Repeat.

To front a row, pull on the divider (to the right of the row) until the packages come forward. Then return divider to the start position

shelftender is easy to use

About the Founder - Bill Goehring

Bill Goehring founded Shelf Advance, Inc. in 2008 to develop the Shelf Tender.

Shelf Advance measures its success by how much it helps supermarkets increase sales through enhanced shelf order and how much money it saves stores through improved at-shelf labor efficiency.

Shelf Advance, Inc. prides itself on customer responsiveness. We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that also sells shelf management systems.


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